Coping Skills

Eating Disorders & Halloween

Eating Disorders and Food Holidays: Halloween Candy BOO! Are your clients afraid of Halloween Candy? Or, have they already been buying that candy, justifying, “I’ll get this shopping for Trick-or-Treaters done now, I’ll hide it on the top shelf of the pantry until Halloween,” only to feel frustrated, disappointed, and ashamed by binge-eating all of …

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COVID-19 and eating disorders

Coronavirus and Eating Disorders

Coronavirus and Eating Disorders: Impacts and Action Steps   Coronavirus news is pretty much anywhere you look. What about the coronavirus and eating disorders? As COVID-19 spreads across the United States and around the world, how are people with eating disorders being impacted? Are there specific steps that those in recovery from eating disorders can …

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eating disorder recovery tips holidays

Eating Disorder Recovery Tips for Food Holidays

Eating Disorder Recovery Tips for Food Holidays From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Holiday Parties into the New Year – food seems to be everywhere. Here are a few strategies to help your clients (or yourself) to find balance with emotions and eating. This can help overcome the temptation to binge (and then possibly purge), or …

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Improve Body Image in a Swimsuit

Improve Body Image in a Swimsuit

Improve Body Image in a Swimsuit It’s a few days before Memorial Day Weekend, and “Swimsuit Season” is about to begin. Will you venture out to the beach in a bikini, will you be seen in a swimsuit at the pool? Or, will this be yet another summer that you “hide” underneath long-sleeved t-shirts and …

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Eating Disorders Holiday Help

Eating Disorders Holiday Help

Eating Disorders Holiday Help: Dealing with Triggers ‘Tis the season – for family gatherings, Holiday parties… and lots of food. It can be enough of a challenge to stay on course with your eating disorder recovery in your day-to-day life. It’s even more challenging when you’re triggered by your Aunt Mary’s comments about your weight, or …

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Eating Disorders and Holidays: DBT Coping Skills

Eating disorders and stress tend to “feed each other.” Let’s be honest about that. This is often a triggering and stressful time of year; the holidays are rapidly approaching, the change in seasons can be tough, and it’s getting dark earlier. This particular year may be even more stressful due to the recent election, no matter what your political affiliation may be. It is very important that we pay attention to stress and try to prevent it from becoming too overwhelming. DBT can help you!

Eating Disorders and DBT: A New Relationship with Food

Eating disorders and DBT skills can go hand-in-hand – to find a new relationship with food. We often think of spring as a time for new growth – flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming, and life begins anew. We can relate this to our relationship to food – making new choices, feeling rejuvenated and getting a fresh start in recovery…