Eating Disorders & Halloween

Eating Disorders and Food Holidays: Halloween Candy BOO! Are your clients afraid of Halloween Candy? Or, have they already been buying that candy, justifying, “I’ll get this shopping for Trick-or-Treaters done now, I’ll hide it on the top shelf of the pantry until Halloween,” only to feel frustrated, disappointed, and ashamed by binge-eating all of …

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Exercise Bulimia

Exercise Bulimia When I was struggling with my own eating disorder, exercise was anything but intuitive. It was an obligation, a necessity, a rule, a requirement – demanded by the voice of ED (eating disorder) – and exercise was anything but enjoyable. It was a way to compensate for what I’d eaten that day (which …

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Eating Disorder Recovery Garden

Eating Disorder Recovery Garden: Let’s GROW Together! Eating Disorder Recovery: The Garden Metaphor I am an avid gardener, and first fell in love with gardening when I was a little girl. I thought that it was such a miracle that a few seeds planted in the ground would later sprout into seedlings, and then become …

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Integrative Eating Disorder Treatment

Integrative Eating Disorder Treatment What is Integrative Eating Disorder Treatment? Integrative Eating Disorder Treatment is something that I’ve been using with my clients for more than 25 years. I haven’t always used this term to describe my treatment philosophy, but as I’ve learned more about Integrative Medicine and other Integrative approaches, I have come to …

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Eating Disorder Recovery and Mountain Climbing

Eating Disorder Recovery and Mountain Climbing: 5 Steps to Help Your Clients Reach their Eating Disorder Recovery Summit! Eating disorder recovery is like climbing a mountain – I was reflecting about this as I reached the summit of Bergen Peak in Evergreen, Colorado (see video below)! It was a long and sometimes difficult journey, but …

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Believe In Your Self

EDIT™ Principle #5 – Believe In Your Self The fiFTH EDIT™ Principle involves “complete recovery” and lasting freedom from eating disorder behaviors. However, before clients fully commit to their recovery, they are often filled with ambivalence. Sometimes, they want treatment. Other times, they cancel appointments and still find that their eating disorder “works.” If you witness your …

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Give To Your Self

EDIT™ Principle #4 – Give To Your Self The fourth EDIT™ Principle involves Intuitive Self-Care – these are Self-Care practices which can truly be replenishing, at all levels of being: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical. This is in contract to so-called “self-care” which is just another “should” on one’s never-ending  to-do list. Regular Self-Care which truly “feeds …

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Express Your Self

EDIT™ Principle #3 – Express Your Self The third EDIT™ Principle involves emotional awareness, being curious about the messages of emotions, and learning healthy coping skills – instead of engaging in eating disorder behaviors due to the inability to regulate emotions or to tolerate intense emotions. We need to guide clients to stop “putting on a happy …

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Be True To Your Self

EDIT™ Principle #2 – Be True To Your Self The second EDIT™ Principle involves everything about INTUITION – how to use one’s intuitive wisdom for guidance about eating, exercise, and everyday life. This intuitive wisdom is what we can also call the insight of the Intuitive Therapist within us all. People with eating disorders typically only hear the …

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