Eating Disorder recovery HOPE

Eating Disorder Recovery Hope

Eating Disorder Recovery HOPE: Let’s Save Lives of the Hopeless HOPE of OUR RECOVERY STORIES I have been profoundly struck lately, by the RECOVERY STORY of one of my EDIT™ GOLD APPRENTICES, Allison Ash – she literally recovered from Anorexia Nervosa, one bite at a time. The impact she is making on the clients she …

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Spirituality in Recovery from Addiction and Eating Disorders

Spirituality in Recovery from Addiction and Eating Disorders

Five Myths about Spirituality in Recovery Why Spirituality in Eating Disorder and Addiction Recovery is Essential and How to Unmask the Myths During the 25+ years that I have been a clinician specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and addictions, I have witnessed about 75% of my clients reach a place of freedom which …

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Integrative Eating Disorder Treatment

Integrative Eating Disorder Treatment What is Integrative Eating Disorder Treatment? Integrative Eating Disorder Treatment is something that I’ve been using with my clients for more than 25 years. I haven’t always used this term to describe my treatment philosophy, but as I’ve learned more about Integrative Medicine and other Integrative approaches, I have come to …

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self care ideas

Self-Care for Eating Disorders Recovery

Self-Care for Eating Disorders Recovery We all know we “should” practice Self-Care, but do we? Or, does Self-Care feel like yet another obligation on your mile-long to-do list? Self-Care does require a little bit of work at first – to come up with ideas for your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Self-Care practices, and to …

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Eating Disorders and Spirituality

Eating Disorders and Spirituality

What is the link between eating disorders and spirituality? Can healing an eating disorder also become a path of self-discovery? Are eating disorders and spirituality keys to the deeper levels of recovery? Perhaps there is a reason why the things that we consider bad, unhealthy, broken, and dysfunctional still exist. If it’s here, it is serving a purpose. Everything serves, and there is wisdom in all of it.