Love Your Self: Be Your Own Valentine

Love Your Self: Be Your Own Valentine

Love Your Self: Be Your Own Valentine

Love Your Self – it’s the first principle of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™, and it’s the starting point for the journey of complete recovery from eating disorders. What does it really mean to Love Your Self – your whole Self – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? On this Valentines Day, try these self love tips and be your own valentine!

  • Love Your Body: Pause to notice the “lens” through which you currently view your body. Is it the lens of societies’ standards, through which you only see your body’s flaws? Or, is it the lens of compassion, through which you may still see your so-called flaws, but without any judgment, simply noticing them and appreciating them as a part of your True Beauty.
  • Love Your Mind: Take a moment to gently notice the thoughts which float in and out of your mind. Notice if you are having any Eating Disorder (ED) thoughts, such as, “That love your body thing in the paragraph I just read is a bunch of crap. I’ll love my body when I’m thin enough. So how do I lose this weight?” Next, see if you can “rise above” your ED thoughts, to simply observe your mind from the perspective of your Intuitive Therapist (IT). This is a curious and compassionate part of your mind, which you can access with questions like these: “What are these ED thoughts really about? What is my quest for weight loss really about? What if it really is possible to Love My Self, regardless of my weight?”
  • Love Your Heart: Bring your awareness to any emotions you are currently experiencing – is this easy or difficult for you to do? Are there some emotions which you can more readily identify? Are there others which you are more willing to experience? Simply notice whether you have openness or resistance to specific emotions. Imagine that your emotions are like waves, which ebb and flow, come and go. Knowing that no emotional state will last forever, see if you can be more accepting of the ranges of emotions which come and go in your experience today.
  • Love Your Soul: Consider your “soul” to be your “core essence,” or your True Self. Look below the surface, underneath of all of the expectations placed upon you, or the roles you play as a “human doing.” Go within to access your intuitive wisdom, or the voice of your Intuitive Therapist (IT). Notice what your soul yearns for on this Valentines Day – the deepest love, for your Self, from your Self.

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