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Binge Eating Disorder and Weight Loss

Binge Eating Disorder and Weight Loss Success Strategies

Binge Eating Disorder and weight loss goals tend to surface with New Year’s Resolutions. However, your therapist tells you, “Trying to lose weight can trigger binge eating.” And, your dietitian tells you, “Cutting calories too much can trigger binge eating.” But you’re wondering,”I’ve gained so much weight because of binge eating, so how can I lose this excess weight in a healthy way?”

Based on my 20+ years of clinical experience in the treatment of Binge Eating Disorder and Obesity, as well as my own personal experience overcoming these issues, I have some Binge Eating Disorder and Weight Loss Success Strategies to share with you.

  1. Stop Trying to Lose Weight. You’re probably thinking, “But I want to lose weight!” As strange as it may seem, weight loss happens when you stop trying so hard to make it happen. Allow weight loss to be an outcome of other goals, such as reducing or eliminating binge eating.
  2. Don’t Diet or Forbid Food. Many people with Binge Eating Disorder attempt to restrict or forbid certain foods (usually the foods they tend to binge eat). However, deprivation eventually triggers binge eating. The key is to have “permission to have” all foods in moderate amounts.
  3. Learn Mindfulness Meal Skills. Binge Eating Disorder typically involves rapidly eating large quantities of food. Incorporating mindfulness skills at mealtimes can help to restore balance to the quantity and quality of food consumed. There are many books about mindful eating – and our therapists and dietitians at Positive Pathways can give you 1-on-1 guidance.
  4. Incorporate Intuitive Eating Practices. Intuitive eating is NOT eating whatever you want, whenever you want – that’s impulsive eating, which is common in Binge Eating Disorder. Intuitive eating involves tuning in to your body’s feedback before, during and after eating. With practice, you will discover a “way of eating” which allows your body to have enhanced energy, heathy digestion, and weight loss as a natural outcome.
  5. Enjoy Meaningful Movement. Forget about exercise to burn calories. Focus on moving your body in ways that feel good to you, so that you’ll actually want to move more. Consider gentle movements, such as stretching, walking, and yoga. Look for beginner yoga classes in your local area – and watch for classes coming soon to Positive Pathways!

You can overcome Binge Eating Disorder and weight loss can be a natural outcome. Keep your focus on Binge Eating Disorder recovery, and trust your body to find its way to a healthy weight.


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