” The soul always knows what to do to heal it self , The silence is to challenge the mind”.

Suzanne Dirnfeld

Suzanne is a Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a certified eating  disorder recovery coach,  Certified Health coach   Expectation recovery coach ,who specializes in helping clients overcome problems through learning how to be able to help client recover from emotional, eating and mind problems that are affecting them daily and preventing them from living the life they desire, as well as gaining awareness through learning to heal from the past and be able to focus to live healthier .  Suzanne has 10 years of experience working with a wide arrange of population and settings who has given people ways to learn through experiences the tools to be where she is today and guide others. I am ready to help you in every step of the way in any stage of your recovery to start living the life you wish you can regain again.

  • LOCATION: United States
  • Aventura Fl

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Give your self a break

Give yourself credit

give yourself time

Give yourself attention

give yourself love

Give yourself power

Give yourself to you

  • Pronouns: she/ Her
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Client Ages: 15-55
  • Populations: Teens and Adults and seniors
  • Session Types: Indivudual and group therapy ,telemedicine

Anorexia Nervosa

Bulmia Nervosa

Binge eating disorder

Food addiction



Borderline personality disorder

Body Image

Couple Therapy

Teen therapy





Expectation stage 1,2, 3

Green light eating

Healthy eating

Prime Time Health Skills