“I started healing when I felt heard.”

-source unknown

Liz Kravitz

Liz is an IAWP*certified holistic wellness coach specializing in pre-menstrual disorders and eating disorders. Becoming a professional coach was a natural progression for Liz as she’s been coaching people on and off in a variety of professional and service capacities for much of her life.

Liz’s experience of hitting rock bottom in her struggle with a pre-menstrual disorder, including disordered eating, is where her personal journey with coaching began.

If you struggle with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) or eating disorders, Liz can help. After wrestling with PMDD herself for more than 20 years, Liz found hope and healing when she started working with a coach. Now, her symptoms are mild, she’s able to recognize them early, and she has the tools to manage them. Coaching helped her learn to live with her cycle – not against it, and now it’s her privilege to share that magic with others.

The way out is through. 

As a coach, Liz believes that “the only way out is through” (Robert Frost).

Too often, we go through the motions and don’t become our best, fullest selves. Instead, we mask, cover and self-medicate to cope with our challenges, rather than facing them head-on. But Liz believes having someone walking alongside you can give you the strength and support to move through those challenges to a fuller, richer future.

She creates the space and trust for her clients to face their obstacles, fears and emotions head on. From there, she helps them define what’s most important – their personal values – as they forge a path forward. She gives her clients the tools to move from stuck to unstuck, helps them create an action plan for the future and then supports them every step of the way. You’ll find the lessons you learn and the skills you gain in your time with Liz will apply to other challenges you’re facing.

Be your whole self.

Liz’s goal for her clients is that they’re able to fully be their whole selves.

If you’re navigating a pre-menstrual disorder or eating disorder that makes you feel like you are out of control, Liz can help.

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