“Strength is what we gain by all the madness we survive.”

~ anonymous

Lindsey Nichol

Welcome! I’m Lindsey Nichol. Former competitive figure skater & perfectionist turned God-led women’s wellness diva, LEO wife, imperfect #boymom & digital CEO. I am the owner of Lindsey Nichol Coaching & provide services to private 1:1 clients. I am a certified health coach, eating disorder recovery coach, & hold a masters in health communication. My mission is to help women find TRUE FREEDOM from food & body, so that they can create their healthiest life. A life full of all the best things. A life free from disordered eating.

For years of my life, I struggled with anorexia. My ED left me broken, alone & far from the TRUE SELF that I missed so dearly, yet craved so completely. With God, support, grace & intuitive recovery methods, I healed & rebuilt my life from ground zero.

It’s an honor to coach women all over the world & to help provide hope & proof that recovery is possible.

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Listen to the Podcast ->Her Best Self with Lindsey Nichol  www.herbestselfpodcast.com

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