“You are the Perfect Amount of You.”

Joni O’Donnell, M.Ed., ACC

Joni is a Professional Life Coach, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and EDIT™ Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach.   She is passionate about working with individuals who know there is more to life than their eating disorder, and are ready to embrace change and enjoy the freedom that comes with recovery.  Joni has experienced living with an eating disorder and keeping it hidden for many years, suffering in silence, while at the same time raising a family and building a career.  She also knows the freedom and joy that comes with doing the hard work of recovery.

Joni loves working with individuals who are ready to tap into their own potential to create the life they desire, and the life they deserve.  Her focus in coaching is to help her clients get to know themselves better through self-compassion, self-discovery and self-acceptance.  Joni embraces Intuitive Eating,  Health At Every Size and Non-Diet approaches in her work, believing that all bodies are beautiful and worthy of living in this world.

Recovery does not happen in a silo, and often overlaps with other areas of our lives where we may feel stuck. Understanding that we are all multi-dimensional beings, Joni also helps individuals navigate career transitions, divorce recovery, adjusting to an empty nest (or a “not so empty nest” when adult children move back home), cultivating new relationships later in life, and embracing creative dreams and goals.

“I spent years carrying the secret of my eating disorder.  It wasn’t until I woke up one morning and knew I wanted to be free from the constant battle with food and my body, that I finally decided to seek help. Through my own recovery process I slowly began to acknowledge and speak about my ED, out loud, and it was in doing that heavy lifting that my life started to feel lighter.”

Please don’t put your life off any longer.  If you’ve been working through your recovery and you’re ready to fully embrace life, I’d love to help guide you through that journey.


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