“Treat yourself as only you can. You with the inside knowledge of all that you’ve been through. We all benefit when you take your next step”  – anonymous

Cora Matheson

Cora Matheson is an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach (EDIT certified) as well as a certified yoga instructor. After living with her own eating disorder, she spent years learning, recovering and ultimately gaining back her true, full self. She now feels a deep desire to share all that she learned about the self and the recovery process so that others can, too, take back their freedom. Cora uses a combination of biology and science backed research, somatic and nervous system regulation, parts work and cognitive behavioral therapy in her practice. She believes that understanding the whys behind what is happening can be an empowering and impactful step in the recovery process, and thus works to educate as well as support, guide and hold safe space for healing. Ultimately, she wants those struggling to know that she truly understands, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Healing is like an unraveling.  An unraveling of a complex system that has had years to grow and settle.  Often this unraveling cannot be seen, but rather, is experienced in the smallest, softest and most inner parts that only you will be able to see. This unraveling is the journey you are on, and the movements that you take – whether seen on the surface or not – are what become the foundation to your freedom. Keep moving forward my friend.



  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Languages: English
  • Client Ages: Over 18
  • Populations: Any
  • Session Types: 1:1 coaching and online programming

Disordered eating

Compulsive exercise / exercise addiction