Dear Self,
This is about YOU!
Stand up, dust off your
shitkickers, and rage
your war! You are a
warrior, you got this!
Love, Me

Charline Bengtson

Charline Bengtson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Board Member, and an AAMFT Clinical Fellow in rural Minnesota. She offers clinical experience and compassionate support for individuals struggling with disordered eating. She can provide an understanding of eating disorder prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in a region with limited resources. Charline takes an integrative treatment approach, working collaboratively with providers throughout Minnesota. The goal of treatment is to create a healthy, balanced relationship between nutrition, the mind, and the body – through trust and comfort in the therapeutic relationship. Charline’s philosophy is to restore balance to her client’s life through finding peace with one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Her ultimate hope is for clients to discover authentic and true healing for the entire well-being. Sometimes we need someone to hold space for us. Sometimes we need someone to be real with us. Sometimes we need to understand and trust the process of recovery and healing.

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