I welcome the opportunity to guide your growth and help you to cultivate the life you want to live as your True Self!

Ashley Eyre

Ashley has a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Counseling program with a concentration in Art Therapy from Naropa University. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Physiology and Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ashley empowers her clients to choose from traditional talk therapy for eating disorder recovery, or the integration of art therapy into sessions. She believes that the use of art materials in therapy sessions can serve to ground and center clients in their inner experiences. The art process itself can also provide deeper insights for healing that may be less accessible through talk therapy. Ashley has spent the last 3 years honing her therapeutic skills with the use of art as a method to more fully express thoughts and feelings. Ashley is inspired to guide her clients to find their own divine wisdom and connection to their True Self, to enjoy complete recovery.

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