The body hears
the mind says.

Martha Niembro

Martha Ximena Niembro (Ximena Ni) is a Young Life and Wellness Coach from Mexico City who struggled with an eating disorder in the past. While recovering, she discovered her passion for Counseling and Nutrition which ultimately, made her recovery solid. She is a Certified Health Coach, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and is also a current Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Student in Florida. She understands the struggles that many people are facing today and the impact that this causes on their loved ones. Ximena uses body image, self-love, and self-discovery techniques, to help her clients find their identities. Mind and Body connection is what she implements when she starts working with her clients. Using the EDIT™ techniques allows her to go even deeper, to identify and understand her client’s True-Selves and falseselves. We all might struggle to find the voice of our intuition and our false voice might always try to bring us down. Ximena understands the process of helping anyone who might be struggling. She thinks that every single past struggle that she had was worth it if she can help others.

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