Following your intuition and listening to your healthy self, will always lead you back to your soul and a place of acceptance, freedom, and inner peace.

Jenni Cochrane

Jenni worked as a Fitness Professional for 18 years before recovering and finding her soul purpose as a recovery coach. She is a certified EDIT™️ Level 1 Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, Life Coach, NLP Master, Nutrition Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and is currently training as a Yoga teacher. She enjoys the connection to mind, body, and soul that these practices allow her to have, and alongside meditation, Jenni incorporates these elements into her work with her clients.

 Jenni knows personally how challenging recovery is, having been diagnosed in her early teenage years and not recovering until her mid 30’s. Due to her lived experience, Jenni is able to understand what it is like to live with an eating disorder from both an adolescent and adult perspective.

Jenni is passionate about helping people to reach a full recovery and live their life without any food or body worries or obsessions. Over the years, she was told that full recovery is not possible, and she would always struggle not to relapse. She knew she could not live like that and was determined to find complete freedom. Having now done so, she helps her clients to aim higher in recovery and live a life free from any worries about food or body.

Jenni takes a holistic approach to recovery. She believes that reconnecting with intuition is an essential part to achieving full recovery and works with her clients to help them to hear their true voice beyond the eating disorder. This reconnection with true self, on a soul level, allows those suffering from an eating disorder to rediscover who they really are, and what they genuinely enjoy, beyond the identity of a ‘sufferer’. 

Jenni incorporates Breathwork and energy work to help her clients fully heal mind, body, and soul from the inside out. She also believes it is extremely important that clients develop a healthy relationship to exercise and movement, and she works with them to develop this intuition during their recovery.

 Jenni believes everyone is ‘enough’ as they are simply because they exist as a soul in this world. She is dedicated to empowering people to love and accept themselves as they are and be comfortable in their own skin.

 Her goal with all her clients is to help them to rediscover their identity and live according to beliefs and values in-line with their healthy, recovered self.

Jenni looks forward to working with anyone who feels a connection to her and would be honoured to walk alongside them on their recovery journey.

You deserve to live a life free from obsession about food and body. Regardless of the length of time you have had an eating disorder, everyone can fully recover. Do not allow yourself to be told otherwise! 

  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Languages: English
  • Client Ages: Late Teens, Adults, Older Adults
  • Populations: Faith-Based, LGBTQ+, Men, Multicultural, Women
  • Session Types: Indivdual/One-to-One