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Eating disorder worksheets are essential tools to guide recovery from eating disorders. These eating disorder worksheets feature the five principles of Eating disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ which is a comprehensive treatment approach for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and other issues with food and weight. These EDIT™ Worksheets and other clinical tools are designed for use by treatment providers (counselors, dietitians, recovery coaches), or as self-help resources for those who are in recovery themselves.

“Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS is the creator of EDIT™ which has been used in clinical settings for more than 20 years, guiding clients to complete recovery from eating disorders. In 2005, Dr. Dorie began teaching others her treatment method, and in 2013 the official EDIT™ Certified training program was launched. These EDIT™ eating disorder worksheets and resources are a part of the EDIT™ training and certification options.

The EDIT™ Certified credential provides a background in the diagnosis of eating disorders, instruction in the EDIT™ Five Principles for the treatment of eating disorders, along with EDIT™ Worksheets to use in client sessions. Anyone interested in the treatment of eating disorders may become EDIT™ Certified — including Mental Health Counselors, Dieticians, Health Coaches and other similar health professionals. Consult the guidelines in your state for additional licenses which may be required to treat eating disorders.

If you are in recovery from an eating disorder, you are also welcome to download and use these eating disorder worksheets and other materials. Self-help can be an excellent addition to counseling or other treatment. You are encouraged to share these resources with your treatment team for additional support. Our EDIT™ Certified treatment providers are also available for sessions to guide you in the EDIT™ Principles and their application to your recovery. FIND AN EDIT™ CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER



EDIT™ Worksheet Sample

Your FREE product download includes a 5-page pdf file featuring three EDIT™ Worksheet Samples, which gives an introduction to EDIT™ and its applications for complete recovery from eating disorders. These EDIT™ Worksheets feature an overview of the EDIT™ Five Principles, the EDIT™ Treatment Goals, the EDIT™ Theory about the “false self” and the “True Self,” an illustration of the ED-IT Dialogue, plus questions for reflection to amplify ambivalence and overcome obstacles to recovery.



EDIT™ Worksheet Essentials

Your product download includes a pdf file of the 20 most commonly used EDIT™ Worksheets. You’ll receive the two EDIT™ Overview worksheets, plus two worksheets for each of the EDIT™ Five Principles – and five extra worksheets for Love Your Self, Be True To Your Self, and Express Your Self. As a special bonus, you’ll receive Dr. Dorie’s EDIT™ Assessments and the summary EDIT™ Worksheet, which are typically only available if you purchase the full set of worksheets. This series of EDIT™ Worksheets will give you a taste of EDIT™ – all for a special price!



EDIT™ Complete Worksheet Set

Your product download includes a pdf file of all of the 66 EDIT™ Worksheets – the most current Version 3.0, updated and released in 2015. These EDIT™ Worksheets feature specialized techniques for each of the EDIT™ Five Principles, to facilitate the ED-IT complete recovery process. Your purchase includes permission to print and use these worksheets for yourself and/or your clients. Single EDIT™ Worksheets may also be emailed as a pdf document to clients or colleagues, but please respect the copyright and do not transfer the entire pdf file to others.



EDIT™ Training Manual

Your product download includes a pdf file with the 105-page EDIT™ Training Manual. This features the history of EDIT™, DSM-5 Eating Disorder Diagnosis, identification of the ideal clients for EDIT™ Treatment, and an overview of the EDIT™ Treatment Process. In addition, the EDIT™ Five Principles are explored in detail, with guidelines about how to use each of the EDIT™ Worksheets. The conclusion includes strategies for using the EDIT™ Treatment approach in session with clients, plus ideas for “homework assignments.” In addition, suggestions are offered for how to assess efficacy your client population.



EDIT™ Self-Help Package

Your product download includes all of the EDIT™ Worksheets plus the EDIT™ Training Manual, which details how to use each of the EDIT™ Worksheets. If you are in recovery from an eating disorder, this package can be a “Self-Help” tool to guide your recovery. You are also encouraged to work with an EDIT™ Certified practitioner listed in the TREATMENT DIRECTORY on this website. If you are a professional interested to become EDIT™ Certified, consider upgrading – see details below!





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