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Do you want to help people recover from eating disorders?
Do you have the tools and techniques to assist them?
Do you want to start making a difference TODAY?

You don’t have to spend years getting an eating disorder certification – Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ clinical training materials can be downloaded NOW, so you can get tools and techniques to start helping clients end eating disorders TODAY. Then, you can become EDIT™ Certified after completing the simple requirements for eating disorder certification.

No advanced degrees or previous experience with the treatment of eating disorders are required –  the EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification programs are designed to provide the clinical foundations and therapeutic techniques you need to guide clients in recovery from eating disorders (consult the guidelines of practice in your state for any licenses or registrations which may be required). Once you become EDIT™ Certified, you may choose your specific title based on your other education and credentials – for example, EDIT™ Certified Recovery Coach, EDIT™ Certified Counselor, EDIT™ Certified Therapist.

There are three levels of EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification to choose from, so you can select the type of eating disorder certification to meet your specific needs. Learn more about EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification options below:

EDIT™ Certified I (INDEPENDENT): includes the pdf download of the EDIT™ Training Manual & Worksheets PLUS six 1-hour training videos that you can watch at your own learning pace. You can begin using the EDIT™ treatment approach TODAY, and receive the credential EDIT™ Certified I after you submit your EDIT™ Certified Test to Dr. Dorie for approval (although the test is not “graded,” sufficient comprehension of the training material must be demonstrated). This is the most affordable option – providing you with essential tools and techniques.

EDIT™ Certified II (INTERACTIVE): includes everything as featured in the Level I Independent Self-Study, PLUS a 3-hour LIVE webinar workshop with Dr. Dorie (which you can watch from the comfort of your home or office). The webinar workshop features ROLE-PLAY VIDEOS so you can see EDIT™ in action. You can begin using the EDIT™ treatment approach TODAY, and receive the credential EDIT™ Certified II after participating in a webinar workshop, and submitting your EDIT™ Certified Test for final approval. This option is ideal for those wanting additional training resources and Q&A with Dr. Dorie, to better serve your clients.

EDIT™ Certified III (EXPERIENTIAL): includes everything as featured in the Level II (Self-Study and Webinar Workshop), PLUS a WOMEN’S RETREAT (offered only once a year) OR 1-on-1 MENTORING with Dr. Dorie (via six 30-minute coaching calls), where you can practice the EDIT™ techniques, discuss client consultations, explore how to start/grow your business, and much more! You can begin using the EDIT™ treatment approach TODAY, and receive the credential EDIT™ Certified III after completion of the Webinar Workshop and Women’s Retreat or 1-on-1 Mentoring with Dr. Dorie. This experiential option provides thorough training and 1-on-1 guidance from Dr. Dorie, to improve your clinical confidence and effectiveness.


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EDIT™ Certified I

Independent Self-Study
  • Essential clinical tools to fit any budget
  • EDIT™ Training Manual featuring comprehensive treatment of Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder & more
  • EDIT™ Training Videos (six hours total) previously recorded by Dr. Dorie, watch at your own pace
  • EDIT™ Worksheets to print and share with your clients, providing a comprehensive guide to recovery
  • EDIT™ Certified I Certificate (documents 6 CEUs) and badge for your website and marketing materials
  • EDIT™ Certified Treatment Directory profile listing with your photo, bio, and links to your website
  • Bonus Resources available only to those who become EDIT™ Certified
  • Get Started TODAY with your EDIT™ Certified Training Manual & Worksheet download!

EDIT™ Certified II

Interactive Webinar Workshop
  • Includes everything in EDIT™ Certified I, PLUS…
  • 3-Hour Webinar Workshop conducted LIVE by Dr. Dorie, featuring interactive training through ROLE PLAY VIDEOS and the opportunity to ask YOUR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS! (Your participation in the entire 3-hour workshop is required for certification.)
  • Next Date: MARCH 7 @7-10p EST (Can’t make this date? No problem! Get started with Self-Study and join a future webinar)!
  • EDIT™ Certified II Certificate (documents 9 CEUs) and badge for your website and marketing materials

EDIT™ Certified III

Experiential 1-on-1 Mentoring
  • Includes everything in EDIT™ Certified II, PLUS…
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring with Dr. Dorie where you can practice EDIT™ skills, discuss client cases, and/or learn strategies to start/grow your own business!
  • Six 30-min Mentoring Calls scheduled on a 1-on-1 basis with Dr. Dorie, at the frequency you desire (once a week, once a month, etc)
  • Special Assignments to meet your specific needs (for example, the design of an EDIT™ support group curriculum, or EDIT™ workshops in your community)
  • EDIT™ Certified III Certificate (documents 15 CEUs) and badge for your website and marketing materials

As an Addiction Counselor and DBT Specialist who also works with eating disorders, I find the EDIT™ Certified training to be invaluable! It gives me a holistic approach to address the root cause of addictive behaviors.

Rebecca Sculley, MA, NCC, LPC

Boulder, Colorado

Dr. Dorie provided 1-on-1 mentoring for me, and I deeply related to the five EDIT™ Principles as mantras for recovery. As a Registered Dietitian, the EDIT™ Certified credential allows me to guide clients beyond food issues!

Michelle Danella, MS, RD

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

My favorite part of being an EDIT™ Certified Counselor is the unlimited access to the EDIT™ Worksheets for use with clients. These are excellent resources in session and as assignments for further reflection.

Emily Johnson, MA

Denver, Colorado

Benefits of Being EDIT™ Certified

As an EDIT™ Certified practitioner, you’ll have the clinical skills and confidence you need to effectively guide clients in recovery from all types of eating disorders. Many health professionals have a general familiarity with the different types of eating disorders, but their training has not provided them with the expertise to effectively diagnose and treat the different eating disorder behaviors and their underlying issues. Rather than referring clients to an eating disorder specialist, why not become one yourself?

Perhaps you’ve been working with eating disorders for a while, but you have some questions about specific treatment options. Have you ever wondered:

What interventions are helpful when a client is binge eating and purging every night?
Can a client change restrictive eating patterns when they refuse to gain weight?
If a client considered themselves a “food addict,” what CAN they eat?

The EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification provides training so you can answer the above questions, and those specific to your clients. This eating disorder certification training provides you with diagnostic resources and treatment techniques for the four main types of eating disorders:  Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and Food Addiction.  

EDIT™ Certified practitioners have the eating disorder certification training to accurately diagnose the various types of eating disorders, and the skills to provide effective treatment for complete recovery from eating disorders (with the ability to recognize the need for referral to a higher level of care).

Whether you are a counselor, dietitian, life coach or other type of wellness professional, the EDIT™ Certified training will “meet you where you are,” allowing you to work with clients based on your current training and licensure provisions. Even those who have no previous experience with eating disorders can become EDIT™ Certified Recovery Coaches, and help clients learn recovery skills.

Want a “taste” of EDIT™ before you register for certification? Sign up for the FREE EDIT™ MINI-COURSE and your first email will include an EDIT™ Eating Disorder Screening Tool to detect “hidden” eating disorders. Start making a difference for your clients NOW!

FREE EDIT™ Mini-Course

Tips, Tools & Techniques


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Training in the Diagnosis of Eating Disorders

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) contains the most current and thoroughly researched diagnostic criteria for the various types of eating disorders.  EDIT™ Certified training includes an overview of the DSM-5 criteria for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder (for example, this category includes Night Eating Syndrome).  Although Food Addiction is not a diagnostic term in the DSM-5, many clients consider themselves “food addicts,” and Dr. Dorie McCubbrey, creator of EDIT™ eating disorder certification has developed a specific treatment approach for clients reporting “sugar addiction,” “carbohydrate addiction” or other “food addiction” as their symptom.  Some self-proclaimed “food addicts” attempt to follow “abstinence plans” which are often “eating disorders in disguise.”  From the standpoint of DSM-5 diagnosis, Food Addiction would actually be considered Binge Eating Disorder or Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder, depending on the client’s specific symptoms.  EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification provides clinicians with the ability to accurately assess and diagnose clients with eating disorders, so that appropriate treatments and EDIT™ techniques can be implemented.


Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy – EDIT™ Worksheets

One of the most valuable parts of the EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification training program are the EDIT™ Worksheets, which all EDIT™ Certified practitioners receive as a part of their eating disorder certification training program.  EDIT™ Version 3.0 was released in January 2015, and it features 66 worksheets covering each of the five EDIT™ principles.  As Dr. Dorie creates new worksheets or makes modifications to existing worksheets, new versions of the EDIT™ Worksheets will be released and made available to those with the EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification. The EDIT™ Worksheets are provided in a convenient pdf format, with permission to print and use with clients.


Techniques to Improve Body Image

EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification training features skills to guide clients to improve their body image and overcome body dysmorphia (a distorted perception of specific physical features).  Many issues with body image stem from an “ideal beauty standard” which is portrayed in the media.  The EDIT™ principle of “Love Your Self” offers clients the ability to challenge the messages in the media and to develop their own definitions of “true beauty.”  In addition, the EDIT™ principle of “Love Your Self” guides clients beyond the image in the mirror, to see themselves as more than their bodies – using a holistic model of the Self as a soul-heart-mind-body.  


Guiding Eating-Disordered Clients to their True Self

Many clients feel like their eating disorder is their identity, but the eating disorder thoughts and behaviors are a “false self,” almost like a mask, projecting who the client thinks they should be while hiding what they don’t want others to see.  EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification training features strategies to guide clients in recovery from eating disorders – to remember and reclaim who they really are!  The overall EDIT™ philosophy is that underneath the “false self” of the eating disorder lies the “True Self” and its intuitive wisdom, waiting to resurface.  The EDIT™ principle of “Love Your Self” offers specific techniques to help clients see what their mask represents, and gradually peel away its layers, revealing the truth of who they are.  Clients also learn the essential aspects of the parts of themselves they’ve tried to keep hidden, so they genuinely want to be free of the mask they’ve been wearing.  A variety of EDIT™ Worksheets are designed to guide clients to explore their roles, values, beliefs, and sense of meaning – clients learn how to reconnect with their True Self at the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.         


Nutrition Counseling and Intuitive Eating Training

With her Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Dorie has foundations in physiology, biochemistry and nutrition, and EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification training materials include EDIT™ Worksheets to provide basic Nutritional Counseling for clients, with an emphasis on strategies to enhance Intuitive Eating.  The EDIT™ principle of “Be True To Your Self” introduces clients to the concept of INTUITION – an “inner knowing” which goes beyond logic.  Intuition is that sixth-sense, or a “gut feeling” that something is or isn’t right.  Many clients can relate to trusting their intuition to make various life decisions – the EDIT™ principle of “Be True To Your Self” specifically addresses how to apply intuition to meal experiences.  EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification training features guidance to show clients how to enjoy all foods free of eating disordered behaviors, by challenging diet myths, overcoming specific food triggers, and gradually making changes to improve nutrient balance.  The EDIT™ principle of “Be True To Your Self” guides clients beyond meal plans, counting exchanges, or weighing/measuring your food – with Intuitive Eating, clients can learn how to honor their hunger/fullness by selecting the type and amount of food that their body truly needs.  By following an intuitive process, clients can enjoy the true freedom of complete recovery from eating disorders and food addiction.


Overcoming Exercise Addiction with Intuitive Exercise

The EDIT™ principle of “Be True To Your Self” also applies the concepts of intuition to exercise choices.  EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification training features an intuitive approach to exercise, to guide clients to find freedom from the rigors and exhaustion of compulsive exercise behaviors, and discover how to have fun with fitness once again. EDIT™ Worksheets introduce the concept of an “Intuitive Personal Trainer,” who has optimal health and wellbeing in mind.  The client’s “voice of ED” might try to force completion of a daily workout, even when in pain or exhausted – but the “Intuitive Personal Trainer” would support the client to listen to their body, exercising in the amount their body truly needs, including more rest and relaxation.  EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification training guides practitioners to “coach”clients – to gradually change their current exercise habits, until they are congruent with their body’s intuitive needs.


Addressing the Emotional Aspects of Eating Disorders

For most clients, a major purpose of their eating disorder is to avoid feeling intense emotions.  Their eating disorder thoughts and behaviors serve as a means of distraction and coping.  When a client is in their “voice of ED,” they’re generally obsessing about something – what they ate, what they shouldn’t have eaten, what they’ll do to get back on track, and so on.  With all of that chatter in their mind, there isn’t much room to think about how they feel – except feeling fat, which isn’t an emotion!  Generally, as clients begin their journey of recovery, they are out of touch with their emotions.  EDIT™ Certified practitioners are equipped with a variety of techniques to guide clients to identify their feelings and express them in safe and healthy ways.  The  EDIT™ principle of “Express Your Self” offers easy and effective methods for clients to truly feel their feelings, rather than numbing them with eating disorder thoughts and behaviors.  EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification provides training to model the voice of the “Intuitive Therapist,” to help clients successfully navigate through the “highs and lows” of life events. Clients come to rely upon the wisdom of their own Intuitive Therapist to enjoy an overall balanced mood.


Resolving the Underlying Cause of Eating Disorders

Recovery from eating disorders involves addressing the symptom of the eating disorder behaviors, but complete recovery involves resolving the underlying cause of the eating disorder.  EDIT™ Certified practitioners guide clients to discover the role their eating disorder has served, and to gain insight into their core issues.  Although advanced trauma healing techniques are not a part of the EDIT™ eating disorder certification training, EDIT™ Certified treatment providers are equipped with EDIT™ Worksheets to guide clients to effectively handle their current triggers, so the pain of their past doesn’t continue to be reactivated.  The  EDIT™ principle of “Express Your Self” assists clients to recognize their core issues, and to trust their own Intuitive Therapist with steps towards resolution.


Integration of Intuitive Self-Care Practices

The EDIT™ principle of “Give To Your Self” involves Intuitive Self-Care to provide for the client’s true needs – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  EDIT™ Certified practitioners guide clients to “Feed The Hungry Body,” by suggesting ways to honor the body’s needs for food and exercise in a way which feels truly nourishing.  As “Food For Thought,” the suggestion might be that the client learn a new language, or take a class to learn a new skill.  To “Feed The Hungry Heart,” clients can schedule coffee dates to deepen individual connections with friends, or use “love languages” to deepen intimacy with their partners.  As “Soul Food,” clients might learn how to meditate, or explore mindfulness practices for everyday life.   EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification offers treatment providers the ability to teach clients how to make Intuitive Self-Care practices their priority – because when clients are “filled from within,” there is no room for an eating disorder! 


Exploration of Spirituality In Eating Disorder Recovery

As the author of How Much Does Your Soul Weigh? (HarperCollins, 2003), Dr. Dorie suggests, “You might be worried about how much your body weighs, but in all of your efforts to control your eating and your weight, what burden are you placing on your mind, your heart and your soul?”  Traditional psychotherapy addresses the mental and emotional aspects of weight issues, while body image therapy and intuitive eating strategies address the physical issues – but what about the spiritual issues in eating disorder recovery, and “healing for the hungry soul”?  EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification training provides practitioners with EDIT™ Worksheets designed to clarify current spiritual/religious values, and explore new spiritual/religious practices which can support eating disorder recovery.


Strategies for Eating Disorder Relapse Prevention

The EDIT™ principle of “Believe In Your Self” is based on the concept that complete recovery from eating disorders is possible – where the client moves beyond trying to control their eating disorder behaviors, and they discover that their eating disorder behaviors dissipate as a natural outcome by practicing the EDIT principles in their everyday lives.  At this point in recovery, the client’s Intuitive Therapist (IT) has replaced the voice of their Eating Disorder (ED), to complete the process of “thought ED-ITs.”  Although complete recovery is possible, relapse is also possible – but it can be prevented.  EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification trains practitioners to recognize the warning signs of a relapse, and can work with clients to plan ahead for prevention.  These warning signs are viewed as “messengers” for the client, to guide them to explore vulnerabilities and unmet needs. EDIT™ Certified eating disorder certification guides treatment providers to validation for the client’s progress, and can suggest additional strategies to continue to “turn up the volume” of the client’s Intuitive Therapist for ongoing success.  At the conclusion of the counseling relationship, the client can be encouraged to trust their own Intuitive Therapist as their True Self, along the rest of their journey of life!

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