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Eating Disorder Training & Certification

Are you a counselor, dietitian, life coach or other health professional?

Would you like to make a unique difference for people with eating disorders?

Do you want to get started TODAY with effective eating disorder training?

This is the eating disorder training and certification you’ve been looking for! You can become EDIT™ Certified  with the clinical techniques and therapeutic tools to provide effective treatment for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Food Addiction, Exercise Addiction, Night Eating Syndrome, and other types of eating disorders. EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training can also be applied to assist clients with Healthy Weight Loss, Bariatric Surgery Counseling and Obesity Treatment.

You don’t have to spend years or thousands of dollars getting eating disorder training and certification – the EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training includes downloadable clinical training materials which you can start using TODAY, at an affordable price. You’ll discover eating disorder screening tools, techniques to help improve body image, guidelines for intuitive and mindful eating, worksheets for emotion regulation and healthy coping skills,  self-care and relapse prevention strategies, and much more.

The EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training and certification is ideal for Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Dietitians, Nutritionists, and other similar licensed professionals. The EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training and credential is a great clinical skill for professionals with expertise in addiction treatment (CACI, CACII, CACIII, LAC) or trauma healing (EMDR).

The EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training and certification is also ideal for a newly emerging area of Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching. If you already have training as a Health Coach, Life Coach or Addiction Recovery Coach, the EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training is an excellent addition to other coaching credentials. This can also be a great starting point to launch an Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching business – no advanced degrees or pervious experience are required!

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EDIT™ Certified Eating Disorder Training  

The treatment of eating disorders is a specialty area – and the EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training programs can provide you with the theory and techniques you need to guide clients in recovery from all types of eating disorders, body image issues, and other problems with food and weight. The EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training  programs can give you the clinical expertise you’ve been looking for. There are four EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training program options to choose from, with affordable fees. EDIT™ CERTIFIED OPTIONS

EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training programs explore five key principles to guide your clients:

• Love Your Self – a holistic soul-heart-mind-body approach 
• Be True To Your Self – intuitive perspectives for recovery
• Express Your Self –  healing core issues of eating disorders
• Give To Your Self – nurturing to replace eating disorders
• Believe In Your Self – strategies for complete recovery

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ and the EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training program and credential were created by “Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS – a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (credentialed by the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals). Dr. Dorie is a best-selling author, workshop and retreat leader, and eating disorder treatment specialist with more than 20 years of clinical experience. She has been training others in her EDIT™ method for more than 10 years. All EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training retreats, telephone sessions, customized programs and case consultations are provided directly by Dr. Dorie. LEARN MORE ABOUT DR. DORIE

EDIT™ Certified clinicians may use this badge on websites, brochures, and other marketing materials

EDIT™ Certified clinicians also receive an official certificate suitable for framing plus documentation for CEUs

Your EDIT™ Certified Credential includes these Features and Benefits:

EDIT™ Certified Badge & CEU Certificate

The EDIT™ Certified badge may be used on your marketing materials, including your website and brochures. This can provide more credibility for you as a clinician, and can give your clients more confidence in your level of expertise to treat eating disorders. A certificate which is suitable for framing will also be provided, plus documentation for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equivalency. Depending on the EDIT™ Certified option you choose, your CEU equivalency will range from 6 to 15 hours. COMPARE EDIT™ CERTIFIED OPTIONS

EDIT™ Certified Directory Listing
Upon completion of the EDIT™ Certified training option of your choice, you may submit a profile to be included in the EDIT™ Certified Directory for one full year. Your profile may include your photo, contact information including your website, a one-paragraph bio, plus a highlight of your specialty areas. The website is actively marketed to attract individuals seeking an intuitive approach for eating disorder recovery. The link to your website can enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website, so your client prospects can more easily find you. VIEW THE EDIT™ CERTIFIED DIRECTORY
EDIT™ Certified Facebook Group
After you become EDIT™ Certified, you will be invited to join the private EDIT™ Certified Facebook Group, where you can “meet” other EDIT™ Certified practitioners, share resources, and participate in group discussions.
EDIT™ Certified Training Manual

The 105-page EDIT™ Certified Training Manual is included with all options for certification. With the Self-Study option or 1-on-1 Training sessions, the manual is available as a pdf download. With Group Retreat or 1-on-1 Retreat options, the manual is provided as a hard copy as well as a pdf file on a flash drive. The manual includes an overview of the EDIT™ theory and its development, DSM-5 eating disorder diagnosis, ideal clients for outpatient treatment, case studies of the main types of eating disorders, and detailed review of each of the 64 EDIT™ Worksheets with techniques for use with your clients. VIEW EDIT™ WORKSHEET SAMPLES

EDIT™ Worksheets for Clients

As an EDIT™ Certified practitioner, you will receive a pdf file of the entire set of 64 EDIT™ Worksheets, which you may print and use with your clients in session or assign as homework. The worksheets address the key aspects of each of the five principles of EDIT™ – Love Your Self, Be True To Your Self, Express Your Self, Give To Your Self, Believe In Your Self. These worksheets are an excellent way to enhance your clients’ integration of the EDIT™ process of complete recovery from eating disorders. VIEW EDIT™ WORKSHEET SAMPLES

DSM-5 Eating Disorder Diagnosis
As an EDIT™ Certified practitioner, you will have a working knowledge of the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for three main types of eating disorders – Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder. You will be able to accurately differentiate between subtypes of these eating disorders, and also recognize variations such as Orthorexia, Night Eating Syndrome, Emotional Eating, Compulsive Eating, Food Addiction, Exercise Addiction, and Body Dysmorphia. You’ll also learn how eating disorders can co-occur with Mood Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, Personality Disorders and other issues. Accurate diagnosis can guide effective treatment planning for your clients. BECOME EDIT™ CERTIFIED TODAY
EDIT™ Theory & Application

The EDIT™ Theory was developed by Dr. Dorie McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS – based on five principles which she learned on her own journey of recovery from eating disorders – Love Your Self, Be True To Your Self, Express Your Self, Give To Your Self, Believe In Your Self. The five principles of EDIT™ provide a comprehensive framework to address symptom reduction and holistic healing of eating disorders. The EDIT™ Theory also involves dialogues with clients in session, between the voice of the Eating Disorder (ED) and the voice of the Intuitive Therapist (IT). Initially, you as the EDIT™ Certified practitioner model the voice of recovery for the client, until they can begin to make “thought ED-ITs” and hear their own Intuitive Therapist wisdom within themselves. Complete recovery is a transformation and an integration from ED to IT. LEARN MORE ABOUT EDIT™

EDIT™ Techniques - Love Your Self
The first EDIT™ Principle – Love Your Self – guides clients to approach recovery with a sense of Self-Compassion. Through the exploration and appreciation of their whole Self – body, mind, heart and soul – clients can heal body image issues, shift critical self-talk, uncover authentic values, and reveal one’s True Self. There are 12 EDIT™ Worksheets which guide clients with Love Your Self Techniques. LOVE YOUR SELF BLOG ARTICLE
EDIT™ Techniques - Be True To Your Self
The second EDIT™ Principle – Be True To Your Self – guides clients to approach recovery with a sense of Intuition. Clients experience a shift from being outer-directed to inner-guided in all areas of their lives – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There is extra emphasis placed on Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Exercise – to guide clients to make peace with food and have fun with fitness.  There are 17 EDIT™ Worksheets which guide clients with Be True To Your Self Techniques. BE TRUE TO YOUR SELF BLOG ARTICLE
EDIT™ Techniques - Express Your Self
The third EDIT™ Principle – Express Your Self – guides clients to approach recovery with a sense of Vulnerability. As a foundation, clients learn healthy coping skills to use as an alternative to eating disorder behaviors. In the safe space of the therapeutic relationship, authentic expression of thoughts and feelings can be facilitated. Clients can begin to reveal the hidden parts of Self, where healing of core issues occurs. As clients discover how to practice authentic expression in their everyday lives, their eating disorder behaviors reciprocally dissipate. There are 10 EDIT™ Worksheets which guide clients with Express Your Self Techniques. EXPRESS YOUR SELF BLOG ARTICLE
EDIT™ Techniques - Give To Your Self
The fourth EDIT™ Principle – Give To Your Self – guides clients to enhance recovery with a foundation of Self-Care. Clients discover how to nurture all aspects of Self – body, mind, heart, soul – and develop routines of Self-Care which effectively replace eating disorder behaviors. There are 7 EDIT™ Worksheets which guide clients with Give To Your Self Techniques. GIVE TO YOUR SELF BLOG ARTICLE
EDIT™ Techniques - Believe In Your Self
The fifth EDIT™ Principle – Believe In Your Self – guides clients to anchor recovery with a sense of Awareness. At the conclusion of the therapeutic process, progress is acknowledged and relapse prevention is reviewed. As an ongoing practice, clients discover how to honor any recurrence of eating disorder thoughts as messengers, with action steps to stay on a path of recovery. In this sense, complete recovery is possible. There are 8 EDIT™ Worksheets which guide clients with Believe In Your Self Techniques. BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF BLOG ARTICLE
Follow-Up Options
After you complete your EDIT™ Certified training, you can enhance your learning experience with follow-up options. These include group coaching calls and 1-on-1 case consultations or supervision with Dr. Dorie. You can explore a variety of advanced topics, including curriculums for EDIT™ Workshops, EDIT™ Therapy Groups and EDIT™ Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), and strategic planning to grow your business as an EDIT™ Certified practitioner. LEARN MORE IN A FREE CONSULTATION WITH DR. DORIE

Receive your FREE EDIT™ WORKSHEET SAMPLE and start making a difference for clients with eating disorders TODAY! You’ll receive a 6-page pdf file with three sample worksheets you can use with your clients NOW! 





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